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Please join us for our fall concert featuring Ferrara!

Fall 2013 (November 16 & 17)

Fall 2013:


This November, The Canby Singers will present Ferrara. Ferrara, in the 16th and early 17th centuries, was a center for the new and experimental. Vicentino invented a keyboard that used quarter tones instead of half-steps. The famous Concerto delle Donne, a professional women’s ensemble, performed for the d’Estes and Luzzaschi wrote demanding coloratura works for them. Dramatic works employing stark contrasts, word painting and dissonant chromaticism from the pens of Marenzio, de Rore, and De Wert, and Monteverdi (although from Mantua - another center for experimentation) joined in the dramatic chromaticism of the Ferrarese. Gesualdo, whom we know of from his sensational murder of his wife, carried chromaticism to such extents that he skirted atonality. We are including portions of Banchieri’s Il Festino to relieve some of the dark quality of the other composers in the program. Banchieri co-developed the Madrigal Comedy while firmly derogating chromaticism. He couldn’t be farther from the other composers in this program.
Tickets in Manhattan: $20 ($15/seniors & students)
Tickets in Brooklyn: $10

For ticket purchase contact , or send a check with your ticket request & address to:

Canby Singers, Inc. c/o M. DiGangi
319 W. 18th St., #1A
New York, NY 10011

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